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Thread: Can't exit witch boss fight Baba Yaga DLC

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    Can't exit witch boss fight Baba Yaga DLC

    I'm at the witch boos fight Baba Yaga DLC. I'm finding it very difficult and time consuming and want to leave it for another day.

    But I can't get out! There seems to be no way back to camp. When I try to swim back out of it I'm confronted with walls I apparently can't climb. Can anyone help.

    This DLC is frankly a nightmare for me. Absolutely no fun at all. I have average motor skills I imagine but I found it very difficult do the winches at the temple. Just not enough time. I shall think carefully about purchasing another DLC. I doubt I shall complete this one. Total bore.

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    I had another go at swimming back. There's vegetation covering the walls blocking the way. If there's some way of getting rid of it I can't think of one. I've also watched a walkthrough of the boss fight and I know I can't be bothered it. But I'm completely locked out RoTR! Can someone please help!

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    So that's it. Locked out of RotTR, where was about a third of the way through and hugely enjoying, by this absolutely horrible DLC. I'm never going to get through that boss fight.

    I shall never buy another game from Crystal Dynamics. Ever.

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    Saved by Stella at! Xbox One has a load backup facility in the Load Game menu I wasn't aware of (LT + RT, it is noted tucked away in the options bar bottom right) , and that brought me to my last camp site.

    Many thanks to Stella. Thanks for nothing Crystal Dynamics...

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