I'm at 88% completion, first run through single player. I'm at the point where I'm supposed to grapple swing using a branch and crash through a floor to continue. Problem is that Lara after swing does not reach the floor (missing floor boards???) and keeps falling to her death. A few more details... The game actually crashed when attempting the jump the very first time. Since restarting I had been experiencing this issue. Went to a backup save did not help. Went to an earlier save (manual) in Soviet installation before entering the area and after I clear to same point I get the same result.
I play on Steam and I have the latest patch installed. This is particularly frustrating since it feels like there's nothing I can do and cannot progress past this point.
One extra piece of info... In one of the previous levels, in the Atlas room, I wasn't able to pick up a document via doing a double chandelier grapple to cross the broken bridge. Same issue, Lara doesn't jump far enough in the end to land on second bridge portion. That wasn't preventing progress but this latest issue does. These are moves where I have no control and it's clearly a game bug.

Please advise!