I've been trying to complete an entire lap of the railway tracks in the fastest time possible and thought I'd open the challenge up to the internet as a whole.

- You may use any car or bike from the rebel drop menu (I used the Mugello Farina Duo)
- Nitro boosts and jumps are allowed
- If your tyres are on the ground, stay on the railway (a slight wobble onto the surrounding grass/rock is fine but don't cut corners)
- The only exception to the above rule is when there are trains passing each other, blocking the entire railway. In this case you can veer to the side until the closest train has passed
- Nitro jumping to cut corners is fine (I have no idea if this is practical in any way but it will look cool)
- Start at the bridge overlooking the airstrip in Rocca Blau marked here: https://imgur.com/a/zo9w3Ir
It looks like this https://imgur.com/oVrsanU
- Position your car so that its front is on top of the grate shown in the picture (between the red lines): https://imgur.com/XyEbbq5
- Time starts when your car first moves (I have timed this by counting from the last frame where the car's speed in the lower left corner is 0 km/h)
- Do one circuit of the railway tracks as fast as possible
- Go round in the direction shown in this picture: https://imgur.com/KxYDx2s
- Time stops when the front of your car first passes over the grate you started on
- If you die, your run ends
- If your car is destroyed or rendered immovable, you may spawn another (although you may as well restart) but you must not place the car at a point further along the track than you were at when the old car was destroyed.
- My LiveSplit file is available here if you want to use it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15V...zj3TAH3MupTCwz. Please note some segment times are inaccurate by up to a second due to human error when pressing the split button. This is not reflected in my official run time as I used video editing software to get frame perfect times. I would advise you to do the same.

- Trains drive on the right side of the track
- There is a very sharp corner in the Val De Mar I split, be cautious
- Be careful on any sort of incline as you may get catapulted through the air. This includes the tiny little ramp at the ends of bridges. Doesn't happen all the time, but fairly often, typically at speeds greater than 340 km/h
- Crashing into some trains may cause them to aggro and start firing rockets at you
- I have had experiences where the back carriages of trains spawn after the front carriage, causing me to get close the front carriage only for the back ones to spawn on top of me and kill me

My current PB: 11:45.116