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Thread: Theory: Origin of the storm

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    Theory: Origin of the storm

    My theory is that the Tornado is nature's wrath itself and its origin is Chloe and her rage towards Arcadia Bay.

    In short the butterfly spirit gave Max the rewind power and to Chloe some kind of air and water power becuase the butterfly spirit wants to destroy the town which is messing up the enviroment. Max is to protect Chloe and help her find Rachels body so she her rage can get strong enough to destroy Arcadia Bay. Meanwhile the doe spirit is trying to prevent this.

    I dont think saving your friend is leading to a tornado just because butterfly effect/chaos theory. Thats like saying "If i go back in time and clap then Mars will explode.". And this Chloe is destined to die thing is wrong too because the dev confirmed that its not true.

    Its obvious that Max received her rewind power from the butterfly spirit. What was Max using it for? To protect Chloe and to help finding Rachel. But why is Chloe so important to give a girl time travel powers? Why would animal spirits care about some random girls? The answer is that they dont, they care about nature. Its proven that the consequence of Max using her powers is the destruction of Arcadia Bay and the butterfly spirit probably knew about this since the doe spirit knew about it too and the raven spirit was also able to see the future in BTS. So yeah, it looks like the butterfly spirit wanted Arcadia Bay destroyed and let naute take over. He wants to do this probably because the local industry is polluting the environment, messing up the ecosystem and killing the wildlife (dead whales, dead birds...).

    While the butterfly spirit wanted Arcadia Bay's destruction, the doe spirit was trying to prevent it. She warned Max about it in visions and she received the longest vision about it right after Chloe stated she wants to destroy Arcadia Bay. Also in Max's "nightmare" the doe is leading Max back to the bathroom, telling her to go back there and undo what she did. Maybe the doe was even trying to kill Chloe when she gave Max a tornado vision right when Chloe got stuck in the train rails. I dont really know why she wants to save the town but i think it goes well with a gentle spirit like the doe that she doesnt want a genocide.

    Many people think that the doe is Rachel and she is trying to get her body found based on that she was near her body but the doe was basically leading Max and the player away from Rachel's "grave". If i would be a dead spirit and i want to be found i would lead people to my grave and start imitating digging on top of it and not running away from it.

    I dont think Max's "nightmare" was just a dream but a vision from the spirits to manipulate her (in general we dont see dreams in LIS and BTS but visions from the sprits). Each segment of the "nightmare" is pushing Max (and the player) towards to choose the save Arcadia Bay or save Chloe ending. Every segment of it was making Max love/hate the people of Arcadia Bay or making Max love/hate Chloe. It was like the butterfly and doe spirit was fighting to convince Max to choose the ending they prefer.

    So how can Chloe cause a tornado? I think the spirits gave her some kind of water and air controling power like they gave rewind power to Max, but unlike her she doesnt know about it. Supporting this is that Chloe is one of the name of the greek goddess Demeter who was known for her power over water and air in Arcadia(!), and Demeter's emblem is the poppy which can be found on Chloe's tattoo. Another hint to that Chloe has some kind of power is that Frank tends refers to her and Max as a famous duo, Bonnie and Clyde, Hardy boys, Thelma and Louise, Abbot and Costello and the Wonder Twins. The first four is on point but the Wonder Twins can only match them if they both have superpowers. Also its hinted that the tornado is something magical by the strange Glyphs that can be found around the lightshouse and they are from the book "La Horde du Contrevent" which is about stopping a magical wind.

    In BTS Rachel is in the same situation as Chloe in LIS. Its hinted that she has some kind of fire power from the spirits too. Her name is Amber, she meets Chloe at a Firewalk concert, has a cone of fire shirt, she starts an unnaturally fast spreading fire, it looks like her rage is fueling the fire and the fire miraculously stop right after she gets almost killed and falls unconscious. I think she is also receiving visions from the spirits like Max and Chloe (and Samuel). She randomly pops up and saves Chloe, randomly meets her at the door, randomly skips school to go on an adventure to a random place where she randomly sees her father cheating with her real mother and she knows about how awesome Chloe was with Drew and the bouncer when she wasnt there. The raven gave a vision to Chloe so she can find Rachel (and give her a lighter to start the fire) so he probalby also manipulated Rachel like this. There is just too much "conciedence" if they were not led by visions. Yet again a spirit's actions through an angry teenager led to a catastrophe which could wipe Arcadia Bay of the map. Also its stated by Evan that the fire is good for the ecosystem.

    If we let Chloe die in the bathroom the tornado doesnt happen but when she is killed by Jefferson the Tornado still happen, so something must have happened between the two deaths that triggered the tornado and that is probably Chloe finding Rachels body and enraging her even further. Right after they find it the two moons omen happen and soon the storm starts. If im right and the doe spirit was trying to prevent this then her sad disappearance wasnt because Rachel found peace but because she failed to prevent the storm and now she needs to guilt trip Max into letting her best friend die. If Rachel's rage because her father cheated caused such a fire imagine what the rage can cause when Chloe found out her loved one was molested, murdered and buried at a junkyard like thrash.

    It looks like the spirits are actively fueling Rachel's and Chloe's rage.In BTS the raven spirit is always showing her things that enrage/hurt her. Chloe says its like the universe hates her and yes basically every key character managed to hurt or enrage her in some ways. Max left, William died, Rachel cheated and died, Frank stole Rachel and assisted in her death, Jefferson and Nathan killed Rachel, her mother hooked up with David, David being David, Victoria being Victoria, Wells being Wells. I think even Kate's suicide (attempt) enraged her and probably Warren would to if he could steal Max from her. In BTS the raven spirit is always showing her things that enrage/hurt her too and it looks like he hooked up Rachel and Chloe. I dont think there can be this many conciedence in her life and that the spirits shaped her life like this so she can be their angry walking disaster to destroy the town and to save the environment with it.

    So yeah i think the spirits of Arcadia Bay shaped the events of the games from behind the curtians (explaining the illuminati eye of providence symbol). Choosing to sacrifice Chloe only delayed the towns fate from nature's wrath.

    The scary thing is that this story isn't far from reality. Aside from spirits and powers we are really destroying the environment and more and more forest fires and tornados happen.

    (LOL if im right then Damon and Nathan saved the bay.)
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