I understand you guys are busy with the new installment and this is the reason why I picked up this game again and have run into a giant bug
My idea for the fix just have the first bear you kill make its corpse despawn
This is what happened I got done meeting Jacob unlocked the Baba Yaga portion and then went back to first area to farm some hides(place where you kill your first bear with only a bow)
I said to myself hey I need bear hides badly they are super important to crafting and was so happy to find a bear
I killed it but it died on the corpse of the bear that doesnt f**king despawn and the bear I was intenting to look just vanished and I am now out of a bear hide
this isnt the first time I couldn't look an animal I wanted to skin same thing happened on a bunny either on a hill or the snow was too deep but the instinct mode would highlight its corpse
I play on PS4 btw