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Thread: Just Cause 4, Baby!!!! Confirmed E3 - December 2018!

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    Just Cause 4, Baby!!!! Confirmed E3 - December 2018!

    As the title says! I am watching Square/Enix's E3 Conference and they just did a few minutes of the FIRST coverage of Just Cause 4.

    The game has WEATHER, including tornadoes, blizzards, intense electrical storms, all of which can be a danger to Rico or that he can use to cause Chaos!

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    Lets hope they keep the good stuff while fixing some of the silly limitations enforced in JC3.

    Like vehicle races in JC3, you can select the vehicle you want but only from a pre-approved list of vehicles that you have unlocked for that particular race and then you must use only that vehicle to complete the race. Where as in JC2, the default vehicle spawned at the start of the race automatically, but you could spawn or bring any vehicle to the race and use that instead, and there was no need to use the same vehicle through the entire race, if your car blew up you could just steal or spawn another one and continue on. Also when I say "any vehicle" in JC2, it really means ANY vehicle, JC2 had 4 race types on paper: automobile, boat, air and "no vehicle", but if one bothers to check it only actually has two types of race: one that you must be operating a vehicle and one where you must not be operating a vehicle. So for instance I don't believe there is a single "vehicle" race in JC2 that you can't beat using a helicopter, including the automobile and boat races, and I've beaten a couple of the boat races in an airplane before.

    What is more fun from a gameplay and funny video perspective? Watching someone crash a pre-approved car through a car race, or watching some lunatic beat the same car race by carefully flying a jet fighter close enough to the ground to make it through the checkpoints? It is supposed to be a sand box game, don't dictate which toys we can use for every little thing.

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