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Thread: Glitched Score Attack achievements Xbox one X (many have reported it)

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    Glitched Score Attack achievements Xbox one X (many have reported it)

    golden child/way to go get stuck on 93% when every score attack is gold medal. I have done every, the dlc ones unlocked, and minor achievements in score attack also unlocked, but the main 2 ones for finishing, seem to not unlock for anyone on the xbox one x. and both have been deemed partly unobtainable on true

    a workaround for now, is installing the game on a normal xbox one or one s, and finish any score attack and it will pop. which is a very costly method since I only own the one x. I don't seem to be able to delete the 4k update. So... I don't see a way round this, please fix it, it's a great, and importantly long/challenging game to get 100% on, I know your busy with the next, but please fix this!

    thank you

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    So over 3 Months and you got no answer? Doesn't really raise my trust factor, it's perhaps better if i trade that game in unopened and also cancel the pre-order for Shadow of The Tombraider then, because you know first impressions count and this one was really subpar.

    Seems that they either don't care for the Xbox One X flagship model or don't care for customers as such.

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