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Thread: "infinite" XP, crafting items, additional source for coins

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    "infinite" XP, crafting items, additional source for coins, Baba Yaga oil

    These sequences work for the PC version, at least for version 813.4_64 or before.

    Additional source for coins - the pink cylinders in Syria always return a coin, but the pink cylinders or jars later in the game randomly return coin(s). If you do a save before opening a pink cylinder or jar and don't get coin(s), then exit to main menu, load the save and try again. Eventually you'll get coin(s). This has worked all 99 of the cylinders or jars that I've found in the game. One advantage of this is being able to get the grenade launcher before starting the prison sequence, as Lara only needs about 5 or 6 more coins from cylinders in addition to coin caches and piles of coins to collect the 120 coins needed for the grenade launcher before starting the prison sequence (at this point in the game, Lara can't craft grenades, so she needs to loot them from soldiers). Later, you can get the 80 additional coins needed for rope ascender, pistol suppressor, and rifle laser sight before starting Abandoned Mines, and later still, you can get the 175 additional coins needed for enhancement tool to upgrade weapons to tier 3 before starting the first battle at Geothermal Valley.

    Oil from soldiers in Baba Yaga DLC - This is rare, and probably requires quite a few reload checkpoints, but the first and final wave of soldiers in Baba Yaga occasionally reward 5 to 9 oil drops when looted. Do not reload checkpoint after getting the number of oil drops wanted. Continue to the next autosave to preserve the oil you've looted. Use the bow as it seems that oil is only rewarded from soldiers that arrows are looted from. Since a reload checkpoint restores ammo, you won't run out of ammo trying this. This can be done as soon as the prison sequence is completed, even though Lara has no oil pouch at the time. Lara can collect up to 20 oil drops this way, enough to upgrade weapons to tier 2 during Abandoned Mines, but you need to collect oil from two soldiers on one of the waves for this to happen. The best I've done was to get 8 oil drops each from two soldiers on the first wave, for a total of 16 oil drops, so I only needed one soldier in the last wave to reward oil.

    First animal run - 14 exotic hides, 12 antlers, 20 hides. On Lara's first hunt in Siberian Wilderness, after looting a deer, reload checkpoint will keep what was looted, restore any arrows used, respawn the deer, but also reset XP. Do not return to camp as using a camp will update the arrows used, and deer will not respawn. Hunt the exotic deer first, then the normal male deer, then any deer. As long as either of the resources looted from a male deer are not maxxed out, both will be collected.

    First resource run - 10 herb, 20 cloth - After the first bear encounter and fall, collect herb and cloth, but do not heal, instead use reload check point to repeat the sequence until herb and cloth are maxxed out. On the return path, there's one of those cylinders that randomly rewards a coin, so the save, open cylinder, ... , until a coin is rewarded can be done.

    Second animal run and crafting items: satchel, bow grip wrap, bow wrapped string, axe wrapped handle, 15 antler, 30 hide - After the first bear encounter, do not collect the 3 mushrooms needed to make poison arrows. This avoids starting the initial soldier sequence and allows Lara to continue hunting using the reload checkpoint sequence, and using the resources to craft equipment items, axe and bow upgrades. Only use the camp when crafting items. During a hunt cycle, avoid using the camp and only use reload checkpoint.

    First "infinite" XP and more crafting items: axe honed edge, pistol ammo pouch, rifle ammo pouch, hunters quiver, bow string nocks, (bow and axe tier 1). After the second animal run, collect the 3 mushrooms to begin the soldier sequence. After the initial 2 soldiers are done, use stealth attacks on the 5 roaming soldiers except for the 2 near the generators, return to camp, enter and exit camp, reload checkpoint, and repeat the stealth attacks on the 5 roaming soldiers. Do a save every now and then in case something goes wrong. This is good for 125 XP per cycle, or 175 XP per cycle once Lara gets finesse skill. Ammo, cloth, salvage are looted from soldiers, I recommend choosing efficient killer skill (auto loot) to speed up the cycle, then finesse skill when it unlocks. Unlike most soldiers later on in the game, repeated cycles on the soldiers will not reduce XP to single digit per soldier. It takes about 2 minutes per cycle, and in theory, all 49 skill points could be achieved in about 15 hours, but there's a much faster way after doing "The Unlucky Ones" mission later on. I made a video showing the pattern I used:

    Gas can near the generators in Siberian Wilderness - After taking out the 5 roaming soldiers, Lara can take the gas can near the generators without alerting the two nearby soldiers (or she can take them out first). The gas can is used to open the impact barrier blocking one of the caves (bullets or explosives are needed for impact barriers). If Lara takes out the bear before doing this, the gas can is removed from the map.

    "infinite" hides - after taking out the bear in Siberian Wilderness, the deer carcass can be repeatedly looted for hides each time Lara visits a camp.

    "infinite" XP - fastest cycle - after completing "The Unlucky Ones" mission, open the door that leads back to the main train yard building. From there, go through the crevice in the wall and jump on to the rocks for 75 XP (supposed to be for stealth landing from zip line, but jumping on the rocks also works). Then return back through the crevice, and go past the open door which triggers an autosave. Then reload checkpoint and repeat. It's about 20 seconds per cycle.

    The number of coins collected per item increases depending on the number of coins previously collected. It doesn't matter if you spend the coins, only that you collected them. At first, the number of coins per cache / pile / cylinder or jar is 7 / 2 / 1. After collecting 163 or so coins, this increases to 15 / 5 / 2, and after collecting 484 or so coins, this increases to 25 / 7 / 3. There's some sequence dependent variation in this. On my runs, I'm near 163 coins in the Red Mine, which has 4 cylinders and 2 piles of coins near the camp. If I collect cylinders "in order", the increase occurs at 164 coins, if I leave a cylinder unopened at Copper Mill, then go to the Red Mine (Excavation Shaft) camp, then go back to Copper Mill to open the cylinder I left behind, then back to the Red Mine, the increase occurs at 163 coins.
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