My favorite JRPG franchises are Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, but I also like other JRPG franchises such as Persona, Chrono, Grandia, Atelier, Suikoden, Valkyrie Profile, Breath of Fire and Lunar. What you can notice is that they are all turn-based RPGs. From this it can be concluded that I favor this kind of JRPG. Unfortunately, a greater number of JRPG franchises no longer exist (no longer produced) such as Chrono, Grandia, Suikoden, Valkyrie Profile, Breath of Fire and Lunar. The only turn-based RPG franchises for PlayStation that are still today are Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Persona and Atelier (among the best known). Unfortunately, Final Fantasy has become an action RPG with FFXV, and it looks like every new one will be an action RPG (such as FFVII Remake). The only new Final Fantasy that is turn-based RPG is the spin-off World of Final Fantay, and most likely will be the last in the series. The latest Persona game, Persona 5 (P5), was a great success for Atlus. The reason why the P5 was successful because it kept its unique style - they used the same formula which they used in the predecessors. The same thing Square Enix has done with Dragon Quest XI. DQXI has retained its unique style - DQXI is very similar to its predecessors.

DQXI is still a turn-based RPG, and I'm so glad it has remained so! I did not like it when Square Enix changed the genre of Final Fantasy (of main series), so I'm glad they did not do that with Dragon Quest.

DQXI allows players to choose between two styles in battle: classic style (characters are stationary on battlefield) and modern style (characters can be moved around battlefield). The battle system still looks like a traditional turn-based, but there is a certain new element. This new element is a swapping system which allows players to change characters during battle with those who are outside the active team. This new element in battle allows the player to create a better strategy (tactic), and also player can use all the characters in battle. This reminds me of battle system from FFX. Since DQXI remained as a turn-based RPG, then I can say that I will enjoy playing it more than FFXV.

Only I'm not so glad that the 3DS version of DQXI will not be released in Europe. I would like to have the PS4 and 3DS version of DQXI.