The non changable difficulty in this game is apparently so high now that I am unable to progress in the story. :-(

I am in the mission where you need to keep Mario alive while defending a gazillion of attackers who are after an EMP device and your life. It takes place in a "smugglers cave" or something I can't remember right now.

As I have the XL edition of the game I could already complete the Mech DLC and am able to rebel drop a rebel controlled mech into the fight. This helps a lot to stay alive but is no easy mode. As soon as I activate the EMP device for the second time during this fight Mario dies. If he didn't die much sooner. :-(

I just see no way to complete this mission and that's nagging because in most games (except Quantum Break) with a story I am well able to fight till the end and get the achievement for completing the story. But not in JC3. Why is this game so hard and - in my humble opinion - unfair at times? Just thinking of all the firepower they throw at you when trying to liberate the stingray area of the sea DLC. Brrr..... :-( It's very similar to Avalanche's other game Mad Max which was also hard as f at times. With a fully equipped protagonist and an almost fully equipped car the bandits that never stopped spawning gave you a hard time even very close to the final battle. Maybe the developers need to readjust their expectations about gamers' abilities. But I digress...

Does anybody have tips for me how to manage this fight? I'm currently finishing all the DLCs and liberating all the towns and bases on the map but at one point I'd really really like to finish the main story of this game.

Thanks a lot!