The walk thrus for ROTTR include most of the collectibles, and the IGN wiki guide includes counts, but I can't find any counts for the coin related stuff. The item I'm having the most trouble with are the pink cylinders or jars that randomly rewards coins in addition to cloth or herbs. If a player does a save just before opening a pink cylinder or jar, and doesn't get a coin, the player can exit to main menu, load the save, get back to the pink cylinder or jar and try again, eventually getting 1 to 3 coins (depends on the coin reward level, I'll explain below).

The counts I have so far:

36 coin caches
50 piles (or stacks) of coins
99 pink cylinders / jars

The amount of coins per item increases depending on how many coins have been collected so far (it doesn't matter if the coins are spent). Initially the coins rewarded for coin cache / pile / cylinder is 7/2/1. After collecting 163 coins, this increases to 15/5/2. After collection 484 coins (could be 483 coins), this increases to 25/7/3.

I'm wondering if anyone else here has kept counts of these items and what their counts are.