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Thread: TR3 for Mobile & TR1-3 Remasters (Cancelled)

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    Thumbs Down TR3 for Mobile & TR1-3 Remasters (Cancelled)

    The Dream of Classic Tomb Raider Fans turned into a Nightmare: Square Enix cancelled the possible Tomb Raider 3 ports for iOS and Android and the Free/Gratis Remastered versions of Tomb Raider 1, 2 & 3 for Steam. It was being developed by RealtechVR. This company tried to contact with Square Enix to get the permission for Tomb Raider 3, but they didn't get a response...

    We lost the opportunity to have a stable version on current Operative Systems for the first three games of the saga with a new 3D System and new features, just like: Multi-language, high resolution textures, real shadows, Full OST in TR1, etc. With the possibility to include the expansion adventures.

    We must be conformed with a stable-less versions of the first games of the saga that includes fan-patches, only in English, with a poor Technical Support and an unfair price (Except when on Sales) Being a true nightmare to use them on Windows 10.

    Update: Petition link.

    "Thanks", Square Enix
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    Hmm maybe I'm missing something but I don't see how Square Enix is in the wrong here.

    It looks to me that a company announced it without/before having the necessary licenses and permissions.

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