In addition to my previous topic, I'd like to mention another 2 bugs I've experienced. If I remember correctly (it's a while ago already since I last played it), they are both from Episode 3. But none of them is a real "spoiler", so no worries if you are reading this without having played Ep 3 before.

Not sure about the first one, if it's a real "bug" or an easter egg. But if it's the latter, it's nothing really "cool" or "funny", just strange: The calendar of May 2010 has only 29 days, whereas it should have 31 (as that's the amount of days every may has. I assume it's a bug that came in when the dates were changed somehow.

The other bug I found out was about the times in the message log on the phone: There, the localization team seems to have messed the time localization a bit when Chloe's mum suddenly writes suddenly back exactly 12 hours after she received the last message, and that although the messages arrived only seconds after another:

My assumption is that the localization team, although they really did good work in general, accidentially took the wrong time (12:55 PM instead of the previous 12:55 AM). A minor bug, but definitely a bug that should be fixed with the next patch.

Now, as all episodes are out, there should be enough time to fix all those bugs. These 2 and the other 2 I posted previously are clearly visible. I am not a "glitch hunter", but if even I notice them, it's definitely alot of others here as well.