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Bonus Episode: Farewell discussion

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    Chloe's adventure in the mini-series may be over, but we still have one final episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

    In this stand-alone episode, we will be given the chance to play as Max Caulfield, the original protagonist of Life is Strange, for one last time. (Also, the original voices of Max and Chloe will be in this bonus episode.) It will be released in March 6th. Remember, while discussing the episode after playing it, please,
    And remember to have fun.
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    Okay, so I was able to play through "Farewell".

    All things considered, I'm glad that we were given an opportunity to see them together again to be pirates. And it was great to hear Ashly Burch and Hannah Telle reprise their roles as Max and Chloe for one last time.
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    When I first heard of this bonus ep, I’m super hype to include the scene from the original into this part for the timeline.

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    Played it today was a very Nice story and was fun to play