I'd like to report 2 bugs I found in Episode 2 of LiS:BtS.

1. When you are on the stage, you cannot view the hand showing your objective, because it's covered with the costume. You can still right-click, but it only shows you the covered hand and not the objective. This should be fixed. Either, the right-click should be completely deactivated, or the costume should have a spot where you can look through at the left hand, so that you can still read the objective. Especially for non-native English speakers, it's sometimes hard to understand what you have to do only by listening to the dialogs, and you don't always have the chance to read the whole sub-titles.

2. Although I convined Victoria Chase to not play on the stage, the final statistics show the opposite (see attached screenshot). I used the agressive talk ability and won it, so that Vic refused her role. Nontheless, it still shows me that I had "encouraged" her to take part on it. This must be due to a bug in the story recording I guess.

(click image to enlarge)

Some general general things I'd like to mention:
  • The mediation and localization was done as good as possible. Not all jokes/gags/comments etc. make sense in other languages, but that would be impossible. Good work on this, to be honest!
  • The agressive talking is a good idea, but here again, it's an extreme challenge for people in other languages to read the subtitles and the available answers quickly enough to not run out of time here. Also, the whole way this mechanism works is something that is never really explained to you. All hint you get is "Mind the text your oponent says and find a matching reply".
  • Although I was sceptical in the beginning, the story line and atmosphere depth is nearly as close as in part 1. Of course, not exactly as good, but it comes relatively close. Point for you on this as well: Good work!
  • What I don't like about BtS in comparison to pt.1 is the amount and length of dialogs. If you compare it to standard LiS, BtS has whole "rooms" that are only available inside a dialog. This is something I did honestly not like alot, and that has changed. The "rooms" in pt.1 were alot bigger in average and there were more things to discover. And, there were not so many dialog sequences.
  • What REALLY ANNOYS me is the nasty graphics bug whenever I'm moving. The screen starts flickering around when I move the camera or when text is being scrolled over the screen (like in the main menu). Tried everything I could find somewhere, nothing helped. As I'm far not the only person who has this, it would be an important thing to fix, honestly.

Alright, these were some more points I'd like to get rid of with this post. I hope it's somehow helpful for you. I'm really not a bad speaker of the English language, but it's often a real challenge to follow the spoken text and watch the amazing video sequences simultaneously. Maybe a "Pause"-button would be... something?