Rise of The Tomb Raider

The Rise Of The Tomb Raider is the latest sequel of Tomb Raider Game series. And this is a third-person survival shooter game developed by Crystal Dynamics. The main protagonist is Lara Croft as per previous Tomb Raider Games and this game features a similar gameplay to the Tomb Raider 2013. To know more about the game you can visit here.

Rise Of the Tomb Raider On PS4

The Rise Of The Tomb Raider has already been released on Xbox 360,Xbox One (November 10, 2015) and PC (January 28, 2016), is now going to be released on the PS4 . The PS4 version is going to be released as the 20 Years Celebration Edition. The PS4 version will also have a support of the Playstation VR. This edition of the game will also include the Season Pass edition contents, including the DLCs and extensions. Plus an Art Book will be available for the customers pre-ordering it. Not only the Season Pass contents, but also an additional story Blood Ties is also there. And with a support of Playstation VR it can be played in the First Person Mode. Every of this includes extra outfits, extra weapons, cards, etc. In blood Ties there will be combat, but will lot of exploratory adventure. It will include the story of Lara's life and her family though. There's a Nightmare Mode where where Lara will fight against the zombie invasion on her old family manor.

This mode is mostly based on your Zombie killing skills. Another part contains an Endurance Co-op version, which is a survival mode of the game. Here the players have to explore and fight for the survival as long as they can go for it. And there will also contain an Extreme Survival Difficulty level to play harder. Rise of the Tomb Raider Co-op gameplay And you know the older PC and Xbox version didn't contain most of these features which the Crystal Dynamicsare including in the PS4 version. But new contents may be created later separately for such devices. If anyone ordering the PS4 version, who already purchased The Rise of The Tomb Raider season pass on Xbox One or on PC will get all these contents at free of cost (excluding the VR support) .
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