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Question about Digital Downloads

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    Question about Digital Downloads

    The last time I purchased a game from the Square-Enix store, I was led to believe that I was getting an actual digital download, only to realize that it was actually a Steam key. That being said, does Square-Enix provide non-Steam versions of their Final Fantasy series for the PC? I don't mind having to install a Square-Enix software package in order to get them to work, but I have no interest in downloading any games from Steam. I actually like Steam for the fact that they brought so many games to the PC, but I have never been a fan of their software. The last time I installed the Steam client, my entire PC crashed. Normally I would download all of my games from, but it doesn't look like Square-Enix is interested in offering any of their games DRM-Free. I am willing to make a compromise ... as long as it doesn't invalve Steam.
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