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Thread: Rise of the Tomb Raider Document Glitch

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    Rise of the Tomb Raider Document Glitch

    I am missing one particular document in Geothermal Valley and it is supposed to be in the area near the Cathedral Courtyard called "on Bears", but my document is under the well in geothermal valley by the valley farmstead and I have no way of getting to that document in order to get 100% completion for that area

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    I can't quite remember the area and without a visual it's difficult to tell what the problem is. Some places are only accessible via fast travel, even within the same hub. Perhaps you've tried it already, but perhaps try fast traveling back to the area just before and then try to find the document from there. I found a location guide video. Hopefully it helps.

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    That document is probably in a cave that is reached from the lower valley (probably the cave with the bear). The games map has no indication of depth, so items appear on the map that seem close, but are actually well above or below Lara's current position.

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