Finally finished LIS: Before the Storm and I like how they did it.

leaving room for possibilities and still linking to the original game (the future)

I'm replaying the original but not sure if it's my imagination but I think there's new dialogues... maybe I just forgot or my mind is open with the new details from Chloe's perspective.

I scan around Chloe's truck in "Chrysalis" and see that the Illuminati symbol is there & the bobble-head.
Everything else we put in there is no where in sight. I can understand Chloe changing the sit cover & floor mat within the next 3 years but the light?

And guess the canon result for Chloe's schooling days is just being suspended, and not expelled because we still got a report card of her at Black well one year after LiS:BtS Ep 3

Surprised he still let her in after what she did at the ending.

So looking forward to the Pre-prequel of Max & Chloe together when young.
Till now, I'm replaying the original. This time I'm not doing the no rewind path.

It's all in and a summary version...
no pointless looking or rewind to fix mistakes... I'll just cut to where Max says and do all the right things, unless that scene expends their story.

I'm also thinking of keeping alternate timelines to their own videos

So in the current timeline, we may just see her fade out and back in to the next part...
depending how long the video is.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Nov 2nd 2009 - May 7th 2010

May 8th 2010

May 9th 2010 - April 22nd 2013

Aug 18th - Oct 1st 2013