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Thread: Old Saved games won't load on 1.4 version

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    Old Saved games won't load on 1.4 version


    I did finish the game on 2012, but when I tried to play again, the game updated to version 1.4 and then continue icon became grey, and in the load section is blank.

    I checked in my ps3 main menu, now I have 2 sleeping dogs installed, the old one version is -- and the new one is 1.4. My old saved games is still present.

    Is there anyway to load the old saved games, or I have to start over

    Thanks for the advise guys

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    Probably way to late at this point but if you open the old Sleeping Dogs you have installed does it recognize your save file? I just reinstalled Sleeping Dogs on my PS3 yesterday and it didn't have any issue reading the save file. It did take about 20 seconds before the continue option turned yellow and I could select it. I had redownloaded it from my download history rather then directly from the store, not sure if that made a difference.

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