Agent Tyler 18:24:Okay, then yes that website is just to buy Square Enix related items. To play the game you need an account on the website I gave you.

Customer 18:24:ok please direct me once more

Agent Tyler and use the blue button to register for an account.

Customer 18:25:ok now register an account

Customer 18:25:can i use the same e-mail address?

Agent Tyler 18:25:Yes you can use the same email.

Customer 18:26:waiting for the email

Customer 18:28:it normally doesn't take this long

Customer 18:28:ok that step is completed

Agent Tyler 18:29:Now that you are able to login to that website now. Make sure you get the code from the item you bought from the store.

Customer 18:29:the 20 digit code?

Agent Tyler 18:29:Then once you are logged into the account you should see an option for the Mog Station.

Agent Tyler 18:30:Yes the 20 digit code.

Customer 18:30:ok mog station

Agent Tyler 18:30:Now go to the Your Account option. Then you should only have a button to make a service account.

Customer 18:31:okay

Customer 18:31:use the code there?

Agent Tyler 18:31:Yes

Customer 18:32:Ok now what do i do log into the games login screen? and do i need the one time password?

Agent Tyler 18:32:No you do not need the one time password. In order to login you just need the Square Enix ID and the password.

Customer 18:33:okay

Agent Tyler 18:33:Leave the one time password field blank.

Customer 18:33:done and i accepted the terms and now the game is downloading

Agent Tyler 18:33:Are there any different concerns or questions I can assist you with right now?

Customer 18:33:omg man i been so frustrated

Customer 18:34:yes say i get a new computer is it at all possiable for me to transfer the game to the new unit?

Agent Tyler 18:35:Yes you just need to go and download the game. If you search on google for the game client download it should be the first link.

Customer 18:36:okay because this one is getting old and i will need a new one in about a year and i plan on playing it for awhile now how do i add time to my account? Is it too under the mog station or do i have to purchace a card

Customer 18:36:i can use all this information in your offical fourms and answer some well needed questions

Agent Tyler 18:36:Yes you can buy game time from the Mog Station. It will be under the Your Account option and use the credit card/crysta payment option.

Customer 18:37:ok and is the paypal option still down ?

Agent Tyler 18:37:I do not believe so, but that would be something to try and see.

Customer 18:38:Ok well thank you for all of your help you have answered all my questions and solved my issue with great satisfation

Agent Tyler 18:38:Thank you for visiting the SQUARE ENIX Support Center! Take care and hope to see you online!

System 18:38:Agent Tyler has ended the chat session.