I saw the video and limiting Ranked play for competitive people seems a bit silly. Serious MOBA players, go to the Twitch streams on any MOBA and you will see them only play ranked. There are a few who play quick match, but those never have a lot of viewers(unless it is games with viewers).

PVP modes shouldn't be on a timer imo, let your players play what they want when they want.

My boyfriend says an excellent reason to why he is not playing Splatoon, and that is because everything is locked(and the devs never balance anything, they just bring out new guns).

If people want to play Ranked 24/7 then they should be allowed to. The same goes for quick match, if that's all you want to do you can do it, but don't punish those who just want to work on their rank.

Placement matches also would be a great idea for ranked too. Don't start everyone from bronze, make them play their placement matches and then put them in a rank that has others of their skill.
There are plenty of PVP games that have this matchmaking to go by.