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Thread: The game runs too slow

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    The game runs too slow

    Hi there:
    I don't have any idea of graphic cards, processors or any of that stuff. This is what i have:

    Windows 7 64bits
    Intel Core i7-4790 CPU @3.60GHz
    16.0 GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 4GB
    Presentation mode: 1440 x 900 (32 bit)(60Hz)
    DirectX 11
    831 GB space available

    This is the minimum system requirements:

    Windows 7 64bit
    Intel Core i3-2100 or AMD equivalent
    6 GB RAM
    NVIDIA GTX 650 2GB or AMD HD7770 2GB
    DirectX 11
    25GB space available


    windows 10 64 bit
    Intel Core i7-3770K
    8 GB RAM
    NVIDIA GTX 980Ti 2560X1440 or NVIDIA GTX 970 1920X1080
    DirectX 11
    25GB space available

    Could anyone tell me if i need to change something? Because my game runs too slow and i don't know what to do. Thank u so much

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    Please note that this isn't in any way an official tech support post by me.

    Anyway, I'm not familiar with the GT graphics card series of nvidia, usually for gaming the GTX series is used. Keep in mind that minimum usually means it will run the game, it mostly does not specify in what way in the sense of how much framerate fast etc. I think.

    As for your computer specs. Your processor looks fine, same with your RAM. I think your graphics card is being the bottleneck here as I played rise with a lesser processor (i5 3570 @ 3.60 GHz (an older generation than yours + no i7 either)) and it ran good 1080p resolution medium graphics quality. I played the game with a gtx 760 2 GB graphics card as well.

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