Well, a forum wasn't where I was hoping to voice this, but here it is. I have seen a few discussions on the topic of rebooting the games but would like to put things in my own words rather than echo someone else. Thanks for tuning in.

We can all go back and forth on games dynamics and play because that's where the fun is, right? From the tombs and puzzles to the gear and treasures. I'm not here to harp on that because that's all easy to fix. My issue and reason for the post is the story line. I've been in love with these games since the start and the compelling story was the draw. Indiana Jones with a female lead.

Underworld has by far been my favorite. I wasn't able to keep up with the series but recently completed the Definitive Edition. And the word I'm looking for to describe it is....UGH. The graphics lure worked but if I wanted to spend most of my time perfecting my aim and killing people, I'd play a war game. I can attribute a part of my love for mythology to these games and boy, was I disappointed. I feel as though the developers didn't put enough of the actual mythology or a clever spin on Amateseru. Instead, the game did a very American thing and vilified a native belief for the sake of drama rather than incite wonder and curiosity, which in my opinion are more compelling motivators when it comes to games of this nature. I also felt rushed to get through it in order to save Sam. I don't want to rush through a TOMB RAIDING game, unless it has an unfathomable and illogical amount of fresh corpses to wade through (boring). Again, if I want a gory game, I'll play something else. I want something clever. Something witty. Wasn't that part of the fun of exploring myths? Step it up if you want to create a sense of urgency. Graphics be damned. I'm not looking forward to the next games.