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    Lightbulb Localization into Russian


    My name is Alexander Samyshkin. I am a Russian native translator from English into Russian. I often read feedback comments from Russian gamers in AppStore\Android Play Market. Lot of them can not get the full experience from games and then leave games when meeting amiss or lack of Russian localization. People are more willing to use a product in their native language. I found that lot of your mobile games are not translated into Russian. That's where I can bring value to your business; my services allow your company to seamlessly enter the Russian market.

    Do you interested to localize your games into Russian?

    I have 5+ years of translation experience in the localization industry, and have participated in the localization work for some well-known companies as follows: Twitter (c), Tap4Fun(c), MakingFun(c). The total sum of translated words for the game localization is about 250.000 words.

    If need, I can send you my cover letter and CV.

    Thanks in advance !

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    Thanks for posting the simply amazing article.

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