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Thread: Will there ever be another LoK game?

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    Will there ever be another LoK game?

    I enjoyed Nosgoth when it was running but it did not fully satiate my hunger for more of the story. As a fan of the series, I was very disappointed to hear about the cancellation of Dead Sun. I was hoping that when/if it was ever released that we would be able to learn more about the land and that with is the Soul Reaver.

    Please Square Enix continue this franchise.

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    It's currently under consideration for future revival on the Square Enix Collective platform.

    If you'd like to show fan demand, the best means is probably to contact the Collective team (,, and its director, Phil Elliott (

    If they see sustained demand, they're more likely to pursue it.
    "A return to Nosgoth is not necessarily always welcome: only the attainment of that final gnosis will satisfy us." – Sam Zucchi

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    Sooo... in other words what we did for last 14 years of begging, crying, pleading and groweling still amounts to nothing... They reaaalllly want to know if we want new game...
    And i am considered nasty one here...
    Still it is good to know that i can expect nothing from people, who are professionals, and i will happily give my money to Indie projects

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