Hi, early warning,

everything I'm going to say below this line will have unchecked potential spoilers for people who haven't played any of the existing episodes...
or even for the show I'm going to be referring to.

Ever since the first game, I have the same feeling as I watched a particular series called "Heroes"
A world of regular folks with special powers... even though so far, only Max had any powers.

Rachel is one suspect to have powers as well, but what we don't know back then. Many guess it could be time power as well, maybe there's only one kind of power like in the "Jumper" people only have teleporting powers.

but it is not the powers that gave me that feeling of familiarity. It is the character lives.

Let's start with the obvious.
She reminds me Hiro Nakamura not just in powers but also the youthful energetic excitement of having and using her powers.

She's the non-powered lesbian / bisexual friend who she confides in with her powers like Claire's friend who she too confides her secret with.

Chloe's bio-dad / Raven:
He reminds me of moments where someone talks to someone who is already dead... tricky to tell which is actual talking to the dead /
time travel / lucid dreaming...

This could all just be in her head or someone who's actually talking to her in her dreams.

Chloe's Step-dad:
Like Noah Bennet, they both want to protect their family but in their own ways that their family disapproves of when known the truth.
Both faces either live normally with their secret intact or get exiled when the truth is revealed badly.

Rachel: (Huge spoilers)
She matches Claire the most in terms of family.
Both dads have a political role.
Both bio-moms (I was guessing she might be her mom based on Claire's story) no longer live with them, both smokes and stay calm around fire... not sure if Meredith have tattoos as well.

These are the characters I can remember at the top of my head... Made a list before but I forgot where I wrote it, lol

smaller similarities like
Jefferson: & Sylar's flair for hiding in plain sight
will be just nitpicking so I wouldn't bother with here unless more similarities appear in a single character rather then in general.

Right now I'm still in the middle of
Before the Storm: Episode 2

Trying to have Chloe make all the good decisions. Not smack talk unnecessarily to see how she is being treated regardless.
So far I'm liking how it goes. Love the dialogues and choices are bit nerve wrecking...