Thread: [Spoiler] Problem with some dialogues

[Spoiler] Problem with some dialogues

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    Question [Spoiler] Problem with some dialogues

    Well, played LiS: BtS Ep.2 for the second time and I notice some problem with the decisions. The first time I played, I was expeld, than, the second time I was suspended. And here come the problems. First time was at the parking lot, when David said to Chloe that she was kicked from Blackwell. The second was when Rachel do the "theraphy" with Chloe, and the Blackwell option, Chloe said that she was expeld.

    Oh, and the first episode have a problem with the date of Max message.

    I really hope the developers could see this topic to try change something, because this show that some choices just don't have the same value as the others. I'm not disapointed at all because this was my favorite episode of all, but just reporting this to try to do better. :)

    I'm Brazilian and I played with Portuguese subtitles.

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    What was wrong with Max's message?