Thread: Has Chloe been misjudged? (Good choices)

Has Chloe been misjudged? (Good choices)

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    Has Chloe been misjudged? (Good choices)

    Hi all,

    I'm glad this game is being made that we get to see Chloe's story.
    I always believe that sometimes even if we do something good, people got either a fix point of view of a person or get's misread in some way due to reputation and rumours or in this case lack of social skills.

    When playing this game, I love the dialogue they made for her. The choices were obvious but it depends on who is making them and how.

    By choosing all the supposedly good choices, I've seen people misreading her intentions or she say it improperly that it makes it believably that people might misunderstood her.

    So in this playthrough:
    - Timeline: I've arrange all her diary and sms messages according to the timeline, from Max's earliest msg to other entries even before the game started
    - I'm trying to make all the good decision as possible
    - Choose any dialogues that mentions anything of Chloe's personal life (Max, her dad, cat, etc.)

    PS: I love Chloe's quote about "Macguyver it"
    That's my original game title for Max, Macguyver challenge. Don't use rewind and get the best result as possible and save who I can without it. Also which photo I can get.

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    Episode 2: Brave New World

    I'm quite surprised that none of the YT channels I've subscribed to have played this game beyond just one video (incomplete)
    Was hoping to see how theirs turns out...

    Had nothing to watch while I was away for a while. Now I've finally finished the game and so looking forward to the third part.

    A small critic I have about the voice acting... not sure if it's just me but Chloe sounds a bit off in this episode... too much stuttering or whatever else she's having when she speaks...

    I do love how she tries to sneak into the dormitory
    When she got caught, the way she turn around to leave is so cute,
    And the play was nice to watch.

    The collector mode is a great feature to be added to help collect things we miss out, in this case "graffiti"
    It also helps to re-record parts for video editing easily without redoing an entire game. This is aided by being able to skip dialogues in this mode.

    I've always had the TV series "Heroes" vibe whenever I started playing the very first game... more on this in another forum post here in this link
    By thinking back to this series, it helps me figure out who that woman we saw in episode 1. There's a lot of similarities and I'm not referring to having powers but the character's stories instead.