So I am a new player, actually free trial player-2nd day and I am seeing that the game on PC is not working properly as when I select frame limit for the selection I need which is 144Hz 1/1 is does not limit the frames and have say 156 or more frames per second. This is both for DX11 and 9c both fullscreen. I select the resolution of my monitor which is the native resolution of 2560 X 1440 with the corresponding Hz I am running which is 144. I really want to get into this game, (10 yr old WoW player) but believe I will have to look elsewhere if I cannot get this framelimiting to work within the game. I do not want to have to use 3rd party programs to limit my frames per second. Take for instance the game Overwatch, the settings in that game are rock-solid to limit fps to your needs and it never bleeps over what is selected, basically it stays at a constant 143fps (as I have it set to 143 since it has a slider) and there is absolutely never any tearing what so ever but that is a first person shooter and want to get backj into MMORPGs. I have googled untill I cannot google now more for the reason, I thought I found something where someone said it is with DX11 only but nope, I just tried that and same thing. Anyone know of anything even if it is coding that it just doesn't work atm would greatly be helpful.

My system is;
7600K CPU OC @ 5.1Ghz / ASUS Maximus IX Code
16GB 3600MHz Corsair RAM OC @ 3733MHz
GTX 1070FE OC +220core+460mem w/msi afterburner
ROG PG279Q 165Hz G-Sync monitor

BTW Also, is there any command within the game to show current ping other than going through resource monitor? I would like to constantly see my ping rate while gaming.