Why isn't mod support here yet?, I've been waiting patiently for a whole year since voicing this requirement with many others at launch in the AMA. It's sad to see it amounted to nothing and to think I could've spent last year working on modding the game to help expand the world giving a few players a reason to come back and play the game which would've had better success than the 3 players on breach in the last 24 hours. I'm really on the verge of just walking away from this whole DeusEx series, it under delivered what fans like me wanted and loved about the original and went overboard with things we didn't care about like paid hats and breach. This whole 2015 DeuxEx universe hype has probably been the biggest disappointed to me in the last decade, my own no man sky saga. Right now I can't look to Square\Eidos and DeusEx as a future company\series to keep fans like me around. Just remember Modders gave us Dota, Counter strike, DayZ and a bunch of other billion dollar games - we can sure add value to a game.