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Thread: Missing weapon after the patch update?

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    Unhappy Missing weapon after the patch update?

    Hi all,

    I have bought RotTR 20 Year Celebration and enjoyed it a lot.
    Had the game complete once - quite a long time ago - and started playing again for the trophies hunting.
    Then I realized my Rattlesnake and Snowflake is missing.

    It must be the patch since I had those guns when I was playing last time.
    Am I the only one with this issue? Is Square-Enix aware of this issue?
    If so are you going to fix it?

    This is very upsetting since my weapon says n-1/n, not n/n.
    It looked beautiful before.

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    You mention trophy hunting so I'll assume it's the PS4 version. I don't rememeber off the top of my head about the Snowflake rifle, but the Rattlesnake sadly has never been available outside of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 releases. Even then, you had to play the game during launch month to get it. Starting a new save today won't grant you that weapon.

    PC and PS4 players were left out. On the PC there is a save editor that allows you to... 'fix'... that, plus unlock two outfit variants that were held back to be distributed as community rewards but never really unlocked in any version.

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