well i played mobius for like 2-3month
currently lvl58 only

For New player just remember stater job is for u to level and clear those basic event
just know the weakness and everything will likely to be fine dont waste your seed on all the 3starter job
save it and save all the ability ticket and summon ticket

buy the mobius gift box it last 30day it is worth it

so far i have spent none and i got bm and tot job (i am lucky u can say)

save your maigicite and summon ticket wait for event and throw it (you will get some decent card or even gd job by then)
spend sometimes in augment the card u need on your new job
you can go to mp mode to join other party to farm
(just go to the 1-2star for now)

by now u should be able to get a better job(use it)
and if u have decent ability card for your new job use it
if not just go to mp mode to farm the correct elemnt and job ability card...
with your new job plus new card normal quest it no longer a problem for u just clear all the quest quick so it will raise your card max level cap and augment

for mm mode its divide into 4 role
defender attacker healer breaker

try not to use healer for start
why? becos it need go decent card for you to support other plus regardless of your char level and card rarity not so high you most likely to be ko by boss essily especially on 3 star above quest

well the name say it all your job is to attack
but how to attack is key
there are many attacker job around some has high magic some dont example (puglist)
for attacker take high magic power will do (monk jacob require good card if not it will be like support to help break only)
attacker will take opponent weakness element plus single target card just dive all the unwanted orb save action your job is to wait for the correct.moment to blast them let the breaker do his job help to attack afew action if your action is full

your job is to break so dont be a dumbass keep on casting those ability like it will help on kill the boss
attacker can just 1skill ko if use correct element so regardless of how many spell you,cast beforehand is normally useless with high break power u just need to bring down the orange bar quick and use your basic attack on the red...once u break dont waste time and action on him just switch to other and continuse on breaking other

use the correct element to dive
most likely u are the general of all job
u need to dive (giving resist to all your party)
u need to use element ability card to help bring the orange bar
u need to use basic attack to help bring the red bar if your breaker din manage to break and normal attack

well above is just all the basic but if you have supreme all this is most likely useless
i seen a godly puglist with duncan clear 5star quest almost 1hit ko all the mob except for the rd2boss but still he finish all mob i can say he solo it without our help
so this game is just play wait for luck on the supreme if u get throw your ability ticket to upgrade the ability level and well you will,see this game seem easy ...

goodluck on your summon and times is all it take on playing this game