Hey folks -

I'm a huge fan of the game, but I sometimes find myself having difficulty parsing my (admittedly large) collection of medals in the ways that I would like. I was wondering if you had considered (or could implement) any of the following possible library sorting methods.

Sort by medal name: Especially when I've just made multiple pulls, it can be frustrating to go through and double check which of my medals are new ones, and which ones I already have/can use for increasing guilt. This is especially true for medals which have multiple similar variations. For instance the 30 different versions of Sora. If we could sort by medal name and put all of the Master Form Sora (of any rank) right next to each other, well separated from the KH 1 Sora A and the Limit Form Sora, it would making the medal processing go much more easily.

Sort by tier: When I'm deciding to make pulls, it would sometimes be useful to be able to easily see which tier 4 or tier 5 medals I already have. Even without the sorting option, making it so that the "equipped" label didn't obscure the tier symbol would be a huge help.

Sort by attack boost: In theory, this feature already exists, but it's functionally useless in practice. All it does is show the current value of the special attack bonus with no sorting at all, and again, it would be helpful if the "equipped" label didn't cover the important info. If this could be adjusted to sort things with guilted medals at the top by descending bonus percentage, and unguilted medals below that, sorted by number of filled dots, it would help me a lot when I have a bunch of spare mirrors, and I'm looking to cap off a few almost perfectly guilted medals to bump up my nova level.

Filter by trait: There are a lot of traits out there now, especially with tier 4 and 5 medals that can have more than one. Sometimes I really want to know which of my medals have a given trait (such as a specific status resist) without digging through each and every one individually.

Thanks for the consideration, and keep up the good work!