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Episode 1: Awake Discussion

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    Post Episode 1: Awake Discussion

    Seeing as how Episode 1 is about to debut, I figured now would be a good time to start a discussion thread for the premiere of Life is Strange: Before the Storm. While discussing, please,
    And remember to have fun.

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    I ve noticed an interesting bug - if you choose Classic Chloe outfit (pre-order bonus), there will no any sign of black eye on her face. Can anybody tell email of game support to tell them about bug?

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    Wow so this place totally died...

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    I'm going to put some quick thoughts here, maybe I'll make some longer analysis if I feel like it. :P

    It does feel like a Life is Strange game. Which is a huge relief for me. I was really scared about this game, especially considering that it wasn't Dontnod's and the creators' idea. I then read a few interviews and previews, but I still remained a little skeptical about it. Luckily, it really looks like Deck Nine knew (knows) what they were doing. The moment I opened her journal, I was sucked into the nostalgic feeling once again. Before I knew it, I was reading every single document and looking at every single object, just like old times. I don't really care that much about achievements, but I simply wanted to know every single Chloe's thought and get her to know that much better.

    I'm happy with Chloe's character as well. I was afraid she was going to be "angsty and that's it", but her character is as complex as I hoped in this game, and yeah, quite relatable.

    Thank you, Deck Nine!
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    Im putting tags because I guess it has LIS 1 spoilers even though I highly suggest anyone play that first.

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    Originally Posted by PHub07
    Im putting tags because I guess it has LIS 1 spoilers even though I highly suggest anyone play that first.

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    I like the dialogue how it's an obvious choice to make if ur Max, but when Chloe does it it's believable to see why people misunderstood her.

    I feel like she's going to take the blame for what happens later.

    - I didn't take the beer but she still lost her phone and ask how drunk she was.
    I'm sure she can drink later with Rachael.
    - I didn't steal the money but the "next time" scene is the same
    Only guess I got is involving Frank. No I don't think he's the one demanding that. But he may be involved with it, thanks to Rachael and Chloe about a certain "escape plan"
    Could be the same person who's tied to the shirt vendor.