Hey everybody. I was at the Gamescom this year and saw a cosplaying girl/woman at the Final Fantasy Battle Challenge site giving Final Fantasy posters away. She was the only one I asked for a picture and I wanted to talk to her, but was too shy and had no time for doing so. Now I regret to not have done this, so I'm searching for her, in hope that anyone knows her or that she reads this.
If anyone knows her, could you please tell me her name or tell her that I'm looking for her?Or if you read this, woman who was at the FF BC giving away posters, can you please answer me? I hope anyone can help me...

I can't send her picture in, because I don't know how to send it in here without any link. If somebody could tell me how to send pictures from a phone in here, you could see who I'm looking for.
She had blond hair which goes to her breast, white gloves, a white skirt, black socks whose go over the knees with a golden edge at the top of them, a white cape with red triangles at the edge, a wine-red top with an white edge at her belly. I'm able to read german (motherlanguage) and english.