I know, many people came here before me, but look, how many years we still want it, remake it isn't that hard, some guys say it is bad, but some don't like almost everything in this world, you can't have a 100% approve yet, this game for some reason was, is and will for ever be one of my favorites not just FF, but games I have played on my life, people would buy it, some for nostalgia other just to have it, but many also will buy a new game just to try it out, It definitly won't be a bad investment, yet you guys don't launch it to the date. So let me ask two things one for you community and other for the company.
You fellows wan't this game to came back on PS4 / X-Box One?

And for you Square Enix. Why Haven't you considered and approved XIII trilogy for next gen, considering millions and millions of people would kill for it?