This game returns memories. I liked this game on PS2 because it has a very good story and a gameplay. Remastered version of this game is even better. I will not talk about the graphics and the sound because also the graphics and the sound was very good on PS2 and now remastered version only makes it better. I will actually talk about of improving the battle system.

In PS2 version, all the characters had the same abilities which does not make a difference between them. Because they have the same abilities it was not the purpose of using all the characters, but only those you liked the most, the others was just a backup team. Also, there is no tactics in the battle if all characters have the same abilities and this makes the battle system boring. This was the same problem for me in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XIII. I like the Job system which they used in previous games and I'm glad they return it back. The Zodiac Job System in remastered version make battle system much better because now all characters have different abilities (different jobs) which gives a tactical aspect in battle. Together, Zodiac Job System and Gambits System allows the player to create his own strategy in the battle by balancing strengths and weaknesses of the characters. This is the biggest improvement in remastered version of Final Fantasy XII.