Thread: Review for FF X/X-2 HD Remaster and idea for a new FF X-3

Review for FF X/X-2 HD Remaster and idea for a new FF X-3

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    Review for FF X/X-2 HD Remaster and idea for a new FF X-3

    I already played International versions of both games on PS2 and the only new thing in this version for me is compilation of the whole story of Final Fantasy X. Two additional stories, Eternal Calm and Will, helps you to better understand the whole story of this game, and also suggests that they might plan to make a new Final Fantasy X (there are already rumors about Final Fantasy X-3).

    Both games have interesting stories and a gameplay. The design of the world and the characters is very good, but when I saw a early concept designs, I have to say I like the original design rather than the final design.

    Battle system of Final Fantasy X is very good because they have improved the traditional Turn-based battle system adding new functions such as the swapping system which allows the player to replace the characters in active party with a characters outside the active party. This new system, Conditional Turn-Based Battle does not operate in rounds, instead it uses an Act List that is affected through various means and thus does not guarantee that each participant in a battle will have an equal number of turns. Also the battle system in Final Fantasy X-2 is very good because it's an improved version of the traditional ATB system. This new ATB system in Final Fantasy X-2 is much faster and more active than older versions. Also contains a new function which allows the player to replace the class (job) of characters. I like both battle systems and sadly they did not use one of these battle systems in the new Final Fantasy games.

    I do not like the development of characters in Final Fantasy X. The Sphere Grid is a good idea, but it would be even better if each character have its own Sphere Grid which does not overlap with the other. If each character had their own Sphere Grid, then each character would have their own abilities and balance of battle stats of each character would have meaning. The Sphere Grid which is In Final Fantasy X does not show the difference between the characters because eventually all the characters have the same abilities and all battle stats are 255. This Sphere Grid gives you freedom to customize the characters, but I didn't see anyone to do it. In the end each player trains his characters to learn all the abilities and to have all battle stats to 255. It would be good if they changed the Sphere Grid in remastered version in the way I described, then the development of the characters would be much better and this would also have an impact on the battle system itself, it would only make it better. Development of characters in Final Fantasy X-2 is much better because of the Job system. Using the Job system, each character has its own abilities which means that no character is the same. A function that allows replacement of job during the battle gives a tactical aspect in battle. This means the player can choose a job for the character he is currently need in the battle. That means the player can create his own tactics in the battle by using that function and the Job system.

    So, the only improvement in the remastered version is the improvement of maps and character models and textures, as well the improvement of lighting, shadowing and enhanced pre-rendered movies with better quality in high definition, and also improvement of voice audio. Everything else is the same as in the International versions for PS2.

    The remastered version is the revival of the old classics. Both games are very good JRPGs and I hope the rumors are accurate about Final Fantasy X-3. If they combine certain elements from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, especially if they combine certain elements of character development and battle system from both games, they can make a very good Final Fantasy X-3. They should modify the Sphere Grid with Job system which means each character has its own class, abilities and specific battle stats. This means that each Sphere Grid will represent one job (class). For example, if they did that in Final Fantasy X, then Auron would have a combination of two classes, samurai and knight and would have only their abilities and specific battle stats. Also if they combine certain elements of both battle systems they could make the best battle system in Final Fantasy games. A combination of swapping system and ATB system it might be interesting. These are only ideas for character development and battle system for Final Fantasy X-3.
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    Thanks for the review! I liked Final Fantasy X more than X-2 (I think storywise), but I didn't finish X-2, so I'm in no position to compare those two. I think the battle system in X lacked a certain character customization, too. It was just leveling up and up and up.
    I like your ideas for Final Fantasy X-3 and I hope the rumors are true. Up until X the Series was so very special, and then something went wrong in my opinion. I would certainly like your optimized battle system with a nice story. Anyway, thanks again.

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    You're welcome and thank you for supporting my idea! I hope Square Enix also supports this idea and they will make Final Fantasy X-3. They should continue with the story of Final Fantasy X -Will- and focus on the adventure of two new characters Chuami and Kurgum. These two new characters should represent a new hope for Spira and save it from new threats. The story should also include the old characters that support Chuami and Kurgum on their adventures to save Spira. With this story and my ideas for the development of characters and the battle system, I'm sure they will make an excellent Final Fantasy X-3.