My favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy X. The world, the characters, the beautiful music, I love everything about it. I have 4 working copies of 10 and more copies that have succumb to overuse. I have put a combined total of over 1000 hours in it easily. Final Fantasy X-2 I have 3 copies of and have maybe put 200 hours or more into. I love this branch of the Final Fantasy series. After I per-ordered and received my copy of the HD remastered version I listened to the Final Fantasy X -Will-. After listening to that audio story it left me with many questions. Questions that I would like answered. I know that Square Enix is busy at the moment with many of their titles coming out so I know it may take a while, but I would love to see a third game to the Final Fantasy I love so much. It would mean so much to me just to hear something along the lines of "we are thing about it." That would be enough to give me hope. I know that Square usually plays with their cards held tightly to their chest until they are certain but this would mean the world to me.
If there are others who would like to see a third installment we need to speak up and let our voices be heard. If we let Square Enix know what we as the gamers want to see and play they may be more likely to oblige. So if you would like to see the creation of Final Fantasy X-3 speak up with me and let out voices ring out as strong as the Ronso. We must send our prayers all the way to the Farplane. We must shout for more awkward Titus laughter.