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Thread: Ahoy


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    Woohoo! The monkeys are back! Thanks a bunch, Maggie!!

    Need a little music for all that dancing?

    LOL Defender. I love that movie! I like the "Chest Burster" scene with the guy from the Alien movie. "Oh no! Not again!"

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    The only monkey I know of is the one in The Simspons (Krusty's monkey..).

    dances to the tunes

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    Red Face (Embarrassed)

    I don't even remember him. I haven't watched the Simpsons in ages, either. It sucks missing all my tv shows. I'm only gonna mention that about a dozen more times on this forum.

    Glad you like the music, Defender. Any song requests?

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    YMCA!!! YMCA!!!!!


    Im not much for a music listener. I only listen to music when my sister wants to listen to music on the radio or when he puts her stereo volume too high..

    I'm more of a "soundtrack" kinda guy. I listen mostly to movie or game songs.

    I Like Hell Above Water. I forget who sings it but it was one of the songs of the Spider-man trailers... Which didnt make it in the sound track

    Can you believe it... None of the songs they used for their trailers made it to their soundtrack


    Hell Above Water sounds like this:

    Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan.... Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan...

    notices how much not helpful this description is

    You try sounding out a song using typing

    You can try to find a site that allows u to listen to "previews" (first 30 seconds) of songs.

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    Dear God, not the VILLAGE PEOPLE!


    Ok, you win. But I'm not sure YMCA has quite the same effect on acoustic guitar.

    Most of the movie trailers are extras on the DVD version, but I don't recall hearing any different music that stuck out well enough that I would notice. (And I wish they would have had more outtakes on the disc!) Guess I'll have to go back and take a look again.

    I thought maybe you were just trying to remember something about someone named Dan...

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    Big Grin

    LOL, Rook, loves the music and the pic.

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    Big Grin

    Glad you like it, Maggie! You're monkeys never seem to tire of dancing. I take it they've had their coffee?

    Any song requests?

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    Originally posted by Rook
    Any song requests?
    Shock the Monkey

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    Peter Gabriel? Are you serious?

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    Did u see the news? They're working (its already been done but working on it) on "self-destructing" dvds. A chemical that would make the DVD useless in a period of time.

    They put the article in the context of "late fees" from renting dvds. and how you could throw them out.

    Suffice it to say I was more than curiosed. Apparently, MGM was the first company who made such a DVD for promoting Die Anothre Day (the latest Bond movie). The disposable DVD was full of promotional content; trailers, pictures, music, interviews and such. Stuff ud find as "special features" on DVDs

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    That definitely sounds...different....

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    Dancin Monkeys

    Arrrrrrrrr Maggie

    Billy be larnin tha fiddle

    I'd uv let ye hear tha swab

    But some stinkin Don moderatin git aint allowin no music around here

    Jus tha pretend stuff

    Some other swabs kin hear

    I dont hear nuffin

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    Big Grin

    You hear nuffin Pikey?

    Thats cos you are listening with your 'ave to use a thing called imagination, Oh well, probably something you have never heard of let alone used..after all ye is jus' a smelly ol' pirate.

    So fat Billy is playing a fiddle, he has been fiddling for years.

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    takes out his Universal Translator

    translator shorts out

    Hmm. Never knew pirate talk was so complicated.

    (complicated enough to short out a UT)

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    Big Grin

    Suddenly I don't feel quite so out of place in this thread.

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    Thumbs Up Yah man! Cool!

    <read subject>

    Chin Wan Gotah Wasam Heeeei Keut.

    pushes a few buttons

    Sorry about that. Wrong Language Setting

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    do u have dancing monkeys?

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    monkey business

    I can get ye a cargo of Dancing monkeys easy

    Let me have a word with me good friend Sir Henry Morgan

    How much would ye be willing to pay?

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    I kin get ye these

    They is the best dancers

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