Thread: Bug report - Basch's hair no longer has physics

Bug report - Basch's hair no longer has physics

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    Bug report - Basch's hair no longer has physics

    To whom it may concern,

    Hello. I hope that you're doing well today. I've come with a bug report for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

    It appears that, in cutscenes at least, the character Basch's hair no longer seems to have physics. I have video comparison examples. In both versions, you can see the difference plainly when Basch says, "So you had it all along. The Fates jest."

    In the PS2 version, pay attention to the back of his hair. It flows in the breeze as the characters are led toward the dreadnought's brig. (If the timer on the link does not work, the line starts at 23:01.)

    Here is a Twitch clip of another user's stream. Again, please pay attention to Basch's hair as he says, "So you had it all along. The Fates jest." His hair no longer moves, and I assume that this is a bug or glitch.

    You can also see the difference as Basch says, "There was nothing else that I could do, you know that." in both the PS2 and PS4 versions.

    His hair no longer moves on the field, either. Normally, when one of your teammates casts a magic spell, their hair flutters pretty wildly while the "casting magic" animation happens. However, when Basch uses magic, his hair appears static. I have another Twitch clip showcasing that:

    In addition, in the previous video, you can also see the characters Fran and Ashe's respective hair moving in the breeze of this area. Basch's no longer does, which again seems to be an error.

    I hope that these videos are able to aid you in creating a potential fix.

    Please note that Basch's character model in the prologue is NOT affected by this issue. You will need to check his model after he becomes properly playable, i.e. the model where he's wearing the red vest.

    Thank you for your time.

    (If this isn't the right place to report bugs, please let me know.)
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    I noticed it too.

    Evidently, for all the supposed HD treatment, not all that glitters is gold.