Hello fellow Tomb Raider fans!

You may have already heard (or read) about Nathan McCree's Kickstarter campaign to record an album of "The Tomb Raider Suite", which is the original, extended music from the Tomb Raider I, II and III games! Nathan really needs our help to finally make this album a reality!

Please follow the link to the campaign and support it as best as you can! Sharing and spreading the word is very important, so if you cannot make a donation, it's fine to at least share the campaign as best as you can. There are so many cool rewards waiting for you!! And the best thing about this is: we will finally get an album of Nathan's iconic Tomb Raider music. But for this to happen, this campaign needs to be successful. Furthermore, a successful campaign could lead to "Tomb Raider: Live In Concert" touring worldwide!!

--> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...-raider-suite/

P.S.: Here's a german translation of the entire campaign for you as well: https://riseofthetombraider.wordpres...-der-kampagne/

PLEASE let us make this happen together!!

Ani xx