First let me say that Deus Ex is an excellent game with amazing graphic's, a cutting edge cyber punk plot, Well designed control's and smooth game play, I installed it a month ago and have really enjoyed working my way through the main missions and sub missions!!

I know there is still a lot of game left to play for example working my way through on a more difficult setting or exploring Jensons storys and working my way through the data fortress, yet I feel having got to the end of the main game so soon that there needs to be more mission content.

If I could continue to use my upgraded character to replay earlier missions or any sub mission I've missed or there are extra mission packs available that aren't to expensive maybe I could continue to enjoy this program.

I know a lot of work goes into developing these games and I dont want to bw one to complain when I was enjoying the game and it's cyber punk style story so much but there just doesn't seem to be enough of it.

And this isn't the first game with which I've found this issue, I can remember titles on Original Xbox that I played for the best part of a year, or a good few months, I know I'm an experienced gamer and believe mw I'm not complaining with all the work you put into the title's I just kind of would like to still be playing it not thinking oh that was short I was really enjoying playing.

Thanks Ian