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Thread: Issue: 98% Overall Complete not progressing to full 100% Overall Complete.

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    98% Overall Complete not progressing to full 100% Overall Complete.

    I've been spending a lot of time on forums and trying to understand why I couldn't get the game to tell me what's wrong concerning the Overall Complete status remaining at 98% (in the map) when all the other screens have been telling me that it's 100% complete (see additional files - screenshots). After contacting Square Enix support they told me to check an online Walkthrough in case I missed something (of which I did 2). I honestly have no idea what I could've been missing. I have even let my save be checked by another player which confirmed the same thing. I also want to add that I finished Cliffside Bunker and that I've played the game via Steam and 2 Achievements have been unlocked: "No Stone Left Unturned" (Find all documents, relics and GPS caches) and "Inconceivable!" (Complete all challenges). The map still says that the Overall Complete status is 98%. Checking all the Relics for Hidden Information also didn't change anything. Since I feel that there's not been a proper response to this issue, that is, that it has been taken seriously into consideration as a problem, I have placed all the necessary files here:!AuYELguS3AB4hGhRanJ0aQfn-9pl.

    My belief is that in this case the game should tell you why it's not fully 100% Overall Complete and if not that, then at least Square Enix support should take that matter into consideration.
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    Since you've mentioned Cliffside Bunker I'll take your word for it (plus the link seems to be 404 nowadays). While I never experienced issues with this myself, I remember reading that sometimes Lara's journal entries might not register properly.

    On the Steam version I *did* run into an achievement issue though. I got the one for completing all side tombs but the one for completing one side tomb wouldn't unlock. Even starting a new game and playing up to the first one wasn't enough - I had to completely wipe all savegames (I made a backup first) and then start fresh...

    A new 100% run is a lot more than desirable, I know, but just in case you should decide to try it...

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