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Thread: Tomb Raider Anniversary: disc error

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    Unhappy Tomb Raider Anniversary: disc error

    Hello! Recently I've bought an Asus tablet. I thought it would be a good idea to play the older Tomb Raider games on this device and wanted to start with Tomb Raider Anniversary. However, it is impossible to play the game.

    When I launch TRA I immedietaly get an error: "Unable to load profile". I cannot create a new profile because of that error.

    Every time I click "Start", the game shuts down and a window with following message pops out: "A fatal error has occured while playing Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Please refer to the readme file for information which might help you solve this problem, or contact Eidos customer support. Disc error".

    At first I just thought that the tablet was just too weak to run the game but apparently it is not the case... I've downloaded Tomb Raider: Underworld and it works fine/smooth on low settings even when the tablet is not plugged in.

    Here are the things that I've already tried doing but didn't solve the problem:
    - veryfing the game's cache,
    - reinstalling the game,
    - reinstalling both Steam and the game,
    - turning off antivirus,
    - running the game as an admin,
    - running the game in backward compatibility,
    - clearing Documents\Eidos\Tomb Raider - Anniversary directory,
    - adding TRA to Data Execution Prevention.

    My specs:
    Asus Transformerbook T100HA
    Windows 10 (64 bit)
    Intel Atom x5-Z8500 (4 cores, base frequency 1.44 GHz, burst frequency 2.24 GHz)
    Intel HD Graphics (base Frequency 200 MHz, burst frequency 600MHz)
    4 GB RAM
    Samsung CGND3R 64GB eMMC

    Has anyone had this problem on a similar device? Any ideas what can possibly cause it and what I should do to solve it? Do you know if would be possible to play the game if it was installed on an SD card (I have no free SD cards so I cannot check it myself... well, yet)?

    PS Sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker

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    I have the same Problems, I paid for this game in steam and I demand a solution since it is not our problem to have bought a failed game.

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