i have absolutely no confidence this forum will ever post this at this point due to both the lockdown and that mana forum is buried so deep its hard to find

but we need to get the word out to mana fans that we want this game either localized or at the very least with an english option so we can buy/import the cart from japan, seiken densetsu finally getting translated would move this game faster than anything, and i dont want to see it get tossed aside as jp only yet again with the copout of 'theres not enough interest'

put the question out there where fans can find it instead of hidden on a japanese account with comments locked that i only found out about because another youtube channel told me it exists

i WANT this game, and many mana fans do too, but you have to let their voices be hearable instead of locking comments on the main vid, locking down the forums so the last post allowed about mana was over 6 mths ago

PLEASE squeenix mods, TRY to get the word up to give us mana fans a chance to let our voices be heard, and give us the chance to ask for an english option