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    Unhappy Late to The Party

    I just shared my LIS experience on LIS subreddit and decided to share the same thing here!



    A week ago i finished the game, im pretty late but better late than never! After i finished LIS, i just wanted to share my experience with other LIS lovers and i found this subreddit. It is awesome to see there is still an active community for LIS.

    I usually play adventure games such as The Longest Journey saga, Monkey Island etc. I played lots of depressing games such as Narcissu 1st & 2nd, Walking Dead Season 1&2, To The Moon etc. But i have never been in such a depression where all i can think about became the game itself...

    I choosed to sacrife Chloe only because i thinked it was more "ethical", not because i wanted to sacrife her (* arcadia bay ) I tried both endings but since "bay" ending was the first one i tried, it just stuck in my mind forever. Seeing Chloe lying on the ground with her blood while Max is crying at the back, knowing the fact that all the things we actually did and lived through never happened and Chloe or others will never remember them and seeing Chloe, such an energetic, alive and kicking girl, in a coffin... It's just stuck in my mind.

    One of the biggest factors why this game was so emotionally intense was the beautiful soundtrack ofcourse. It's been a week like i said and every single day, all i do is listen to the soundtrack over and over and think about the story.

    To be honest, in real life lately, i was trying to live through hard times. Health problems, family problems etc. etc. So playing LIS was like doing a "FINISH HIM" move to my mental health, lol

    Would love to hear how you feel after LIS too!


    EDIT: I just wanted to quote my own comment to make my bae-bay situation more clear:

    I only choosed to save the bay because it was more of an"ethical" choice for me. But i regret my decision every single day. I replayed the last part and choosed to save Chloe. I don't have much of an emotional bond with other characters. I only care about Max & Chloe to be honest.
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    Thanks for sharing your experience with the game! I had a similar experience. I just got this game as it is free on PS4 currently (everyone should get it!). I finished it and found it pretty emotionally devastating. I love the game and the emotions it puts you through. I picked the sacrifice Chloe ending as well because I felt like Max had a responsibility to do the right thing as the tornado was caused by her. I also found it a better story if Chloe sacrifices herself as it builds her character better. In real life I've been struggling with things too such as relationships, motivation, and belief. This game made me feel like connections with people are more important than anything and I loved that about it.
    Just wanted to chime in. (NO EMOJI!)

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    I really like your response to the game. I had a similar response and was also late to finding this game. I love the relationships between the characters. Max and Chloe have a great relationship and I really enjoy Max's relationships with Warren and Kate as well.

    I too chose to sacrifice Chloe because it was more ethical. I feel it is the more meaningful ending and gives Chloe's character more depth as she chooses to die to save the Bay despite her troubled past and resentment toward the bay and what's happened there.

    I too have had some difficult times lately and this game has actually helped me see what is important in life. Making the best of the relationships I have in my life and trying to make more meaningful relationships. The relationships in this game are the most important part of it, more important than the time travel.

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