What a hell did you do to me? I mean seriously....you made me softie.
I wanted to put all the story in short but I have so much emotions about it I guess I just can't. Nerveless, let's get back to beginning.
First of all I usually do not write about games I played, felling I have, or changes to make about game to anyone, especially to authors of a certain game. It is a shame because I change and mod, in all limited sources I have, all the games I have to make it even better. This one, Life is Strange, on the other hand is so good ... I didn't have to.
It all started well... not so good. I garbed free first episode just to have a shot. Good notes made me to try it out. I haven't been playing at first tough. I thought is another story based game, that I usually don't play, because it made me boring after a while. First game started up, and I got issues. Game got wanky with major slowdowns and stutters on my pretty decent PC. I knew there was some program issues. I found no answer in the internet (except how to make run smoother on old PC) so I almost decided to delete the game and forget about it. That would be so wrong. I figure it out that Unreal engine cause issues with gigabyte software in other games. I turn app off and voila. Game keep work well but without my precious settings and timings for GTX980ti. I could even get 1,75 HD resolution on my HD monitor. Cool even sharper graphic. Anyway, everything went well by then.
After first episode I got into the game good, but without exaggerated enthusiasm at first. Then I noticed steam off price, so I thought: What a hell. Game is cool so I'll buy all the episodes right away. After 3 episode I just couldn't stop to think about the game and characters in it. It is odd because I am down to earth and I take facts, movies and games not so serious. Then I got so emotional about it, although It was figures to make that happen. All those characters play, moody music (good indie choice btw), gr8 quality sound (even on speakers) made me so into this game. Even if it the game is presented as a graphic novel. I felt as I could not only play game but also be a part of the action.
Back to the game, in the beginning of the 4th episode I almost found out how the story going to end, but still was itchy how the things will go one. without spoilers is a damn good story. What I would change is to add at least one more episode, or two to make time line proper. Week, 7 days, 7 episodes, but it doesn't matter too much, this game is all about mess with time, so I guess is good as it is.
As for other aspects, again you made so good characters play, that even me (person that does NOT show feelings outside) was so emotional about it. Maybe because I got control to make a choices as I would in real life. It was so good I just wish I could enter the game and help poor Max help with her problems, where at some point I felt she got all alone with such heavy problems and decisions. In fact you have created a story about good girl, Maxine Caulfield, dealing with all the problems in surrounding ty world (even as such young girl). Or is not? There is hard to tell, but I guess no matter how good you are, or how much you will try, you will not be able to change some of the things. Fate? Nevertheless I sure wish to find girl especially like Max here; good, kind, with so much eager to help everybody. Hell, I wish we all be surrounded by such people.
Anyway you got a gr8 job there. Life is Strange in no doubt changed my life... for couple weeks now, and who knows with some aspects maybe even forever. Cool, because I thought something like this will never happen to me. Anyway, once more time good job there, hope to see more of your projects soon. Gr8 story, characters and ... adventure. Keep the good work.
With best wishes for entire team.