Hi to all,

I have to write something down, before my head explore . .. oh damn it I forgott...no emoji!! mhmm..kidding

Maybe it helps me, because unfortunately I have no one with whom I can talk about it. Yes, i have friends but they are guys. I mean, we ride motorbikes, play and watch soccer, drinking beer etc. blah blah...I'm a guitarist in a rock band...

How can i tell them, that i´m completely beside me, feeling sad an melancholic because of a game about 2 teen girls and their friendship/love? Unimaginable. I can forsee how they stare if I play and sing "obstacles"...lol... They would never understand it. In fact, I can not quite understand it by myself.

I started the game on the 10.02.2017. Why I did discovered the game so late? Strange thing..

I did not know that the game actually existed. It is not the kind of game I normally play. I regularly read a web comic. In a strip, a character plays a game, but no one knows the name. And a reader speculated in the comments, it must be life is strange and he envies all who can play the game for the first time. I bought it, I played it without any knowledge about the game. Totally untypical to me....i cant remember why I done this in this way, it just happened. Fate?

But I can remember exactly the first moments of the game, the initial screen and i thought..ugh..what graphic is that? Being in the class with Max, looking around...and thought..ugh...what game i have brought? Then the first magical moment. Max goes out of class, leaning against the wall and put her inears in. Booom...i needed some (many) seconds before I could go further. The game had caught me, even though I did not know then how strong. I dived into the world of Max and Chloe, she took me captive and I did almost nothing other than the game over the hole weekend. I was out of the real world.

I had to interrupt the game on Sunday. I had to go to bed because I had to work the next day. This was at the end of the 4 episode, respectively the beginning of the 5. The next 2 days I had something else to do and did not come to play the game, but my thoughts were always with Max and Chloe and I felt inexplicably melancholic. I don´t know why, it could not be the decisions. I did everything right, save Kate (I got a goose bumps when she fell into Max's arms), helped Chloe in every possible way. But what is going on here and what is wrong with me? I mean this is just a game and I have played countless games in my live and none has ever done something like this to me.

Then I did something I have not done for an eternity. I tried to write down my thoughts and feelings, as in a diary, hoping to find clarity. But that did not really work. My thoughts fell over, but I found no real reason for my feelings. But somethings has changed, perhaps it is only imagination..but... I have a different look at the world, at people. A sharper perception, I see more details, and if i look into a face, i almost believe, i see what going on with him....sounds crasy..i know. Perhaps I was once only incomprehensibly inattentive.

I finished the game on next Wendsday..huh... what an outstanding game. I thought at the beginning, what a bad graphic, now I loved this style. I love the soundtrack, which fits in every situation perfect, I love the hole game, it is a genuine total art work. I wonder if Dontnod at all knows how to do this, or whether it was no more or less coincidence. Best game I ever have played.

At Friday i spend some time with fan-art, videos on you tube and reading forums. Then I could no longer resist and I began the game anew. Another weekend spent playing this game. lol ... never done this before.

And till today my thought are still with Max and Chloe and still feel sad and melancholy and also Dontnod (and all others) grateful for this masterpiece. I only hear the fantastic soundtrack, on the way to work and back, at home, everywhere.

The only explanation I have for my feelings is this: It's about the incredibly strong connection between Max and Chloe and for some reason I long for it. But my subconscious knows that I will never experience it, and that is why I feel so.

Finally, excuse my English, I am German argl...what Chloe told? No hella Emoji!!!!